Liberty Valley Doors- Custom Wooden Doors Manufacturer, North San Francisco
Liberty Valley Doors
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you located?
Our shop is located near the town of Cotati in rural Sonoma County, California, about an hour's drive north of San Francisco.
Our address is:
6005 Gravenstein Highway (Hwy 116)
Cotati, CA 94931
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How long have you been in business?
We have been building custom wood doors and windows since 1980.

Where is your work distributed?
Most of our customers are in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, although we have supplied doors and windows around the world.

Why do people buy your custom wood doors and windows?
Quality and longevity, our doors and windows are engineered to last a lifetime. We pay close attention to stock selection, especially with our stain-grade products. We make doors and windows from wood, including mahogany, poplar, and fir. Our service is personal and excellent. People use us if they have requirements that can't be found in the off-the-shelf doors and windows provided by the large manufacturers. We match existing work, and produce specific and/or odd sizes.

Do you use sustainably-harvested (green) lumber?
Yes, when directed to do so. Certified "green" lumber is increasingly available and we are an FSC® Certified manufacturer. We also have a line of doors we produce from reclaimed or recycled woods such as Doug Fir.

How much do your doors and windows cost?
They tend to cost about twice as much as stock, ready made doors and windows, largely because they are made to order, labor-intensive, and quality driven. Please fax or e mail us a quote request.

Do you do commercial jobs?
Yes. We have made doors and windows for museums, large hotels, tenant improvements, Restaurants and for many wineries. Most of our work, however, is residential.

What type of doors do you make?
All kinds: Stile & Rail, Plank, Flush, Louver, Arched Top, Bowed, Sidelights, Transoms, direct glazed glass units, and various combinations of the above.

What type of windows do you make?
All kinds: casement (single, pair, or triple w/fixed center), awning, hopper, single or double hung, fixed, direct glazed, pivot (horizontal), slider and various combinations of the above.

Are your doors and windows truly custom, that is, made-to-order?
Yes. Each door and window is made to the particular specifications of the job: wood species, door or window type, glazing, construction details, hardware, configuration, and size, all may vary from door to door and window to window.

Can you make any kind of door and window?
Within limits; as long as the proposed door and/or window design is structurally sound we will build it. Conversely, we will not warranty a door and/or window if, in our estimation, the design impairs its performance or longevity.

Do you help with door and window design?
Yes. This service has propelled us to become a leader in the custom stile & rail door and custom window business. We have decades of experience, CAD abilities, and are happy to consult with architects, builders, and homeowners.

What kind of glass do you use?
¼" clear tempered or ½" clear tempered insulated are standard or whatever is specified. Most of our doors are dual-glazed, many with low-emissivity glass (LowE). Laminated safety glass blocks noise and UV light, and is commonly used. We follow UBC rules for safety glazing (usually tempered). Art glass, leaded glass, and various specialty glass products are also frequently specified and available.

Do your doors and windows come with hardware?
Our doors include some hardware such as hinges. If ordered pre-hung the hinges are installed by us. We can also supply whatever finish is specified. Other hardware such as Multipoint locking and lift & slide systems are also available.

Are your doors painted?
We can shop prime our doors and windows. The owner or contractor is responsible for finish painting and staining. Our Rediscovered Wood Door Line, however, can be pre-finished as an option.

How do I proceed?
The first step is to provide us with the information we need to accurately price the doors and windows. If the price we arrive at is acceptable to the client, we will then need all of the information necessary to confirm final pricing.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, usually one half of the order amount, and it is sent to us before we begin production or shop drawings.

How long will it take to produce the doors and/or windows?
As a rule of thumb, we run about 4 to 5 weeks out. Please contact us for current lead times.

How long will it take to get my doors and/or windows?
This depends on the size of the job and how much work we have in the shop at the time. We can commit to a completion date only when we have received all of the necessary information, the deposit, and approved shop drawings if they are required.

Is there a way to expedite the process by paying an extra fee?
Yes, we do have a fast track rush charge.

We are a sustainable custom door and window manufacturer located in Cotati, CA
Serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area