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Warranty Info
Limited Warranty
Dated 4/4/2013

All door(s), window(s) or millwork products manufactured by Liberty Valley Doors, Incorporated (except those door(s), window(s) or millwork expressly excluded from this warranty by the manufacturer) are warranted by the manufacturer for one year from the date of shipment, and at the time of shipment, to be of good material and workmanship and to be free of defects which would render said door(s), window(s) or millwork unserviceable or unfit for the ordinary, recommended use. This warranty is made to the original purchaser. Door(s), window(s) or millwork, glass and miscellaneous items not manufactured by Liberty Valley Doors but supplied by Liberty Valley Doors, shall be warranted by the manufacturer of that product and of their warranty terms.

If at the time of shipment a defect is found in the product, the receiver must notify the manufacturer immediately. This includes claims for scratched glass and damage during shipping. Failure to do so will void the warranty.

If warranted door(s), window(s) or millwork are found to contain defects as stated herein, manufacturer, at his options, will: 1) repair defective door(s), window(s) or millwork; 2) furnish purchaser with replacement door(s), window(s) or millwork; 3) refund to the purchaser the amount paid the manufacturer for the returned defective door(s), window(s) or millwork. Manufacturer shall not be liable for the costs of removing defective door(s), window(s) or millwork, rehanging or finishing of replacement door(s), window(s) or millwork.

  1. Unsatisfactory service or appearance caused by failure to follow the “Handling, Job Finishing and Installation Instructions” set forth herein are excluded from this warranty.
  2. The appearance of field-finished door(s), window(s) or millwork is excluded from this warranty.
  3. Natural variations in the color or texture of wood are not to be considered defects.
  4. A thickness tolerance of 1/32”, plus or minus is allowed for all door(s), window(s) or millwork covered under this warranty.
  5. Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds ¼” in the plane of the door(s), window(s) or millwork itself. Warp is any distortion in the door or window itself, and does not refer to the relation of the door or window to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term warp shall include bow, cup and twist. In measuring the amount of warp present in a door or window the following method shall be used: Bow, cup and twist shall be measured by placing a straightedge, taut wire or string on the suspected concave face of the door or window at any angle (i.e., horizontally, vertically, and diagonally), with the door or window in its installed position. The measurement of bow, cup and twist shall be made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straightedge, taut wire or string and the face of the door or window.
  6. Warp in excess of ¼” shall not be considered a defect in the following:
    1. 1-3/4” or thicker doors that are wider than 3’-6’ or higher than 8’-0”.
    2. 1-3/8” thick doors that are wider than 3’-0” or higher than 7’-0”.
    3. Doors with face veneers of different species or materials.
    4. Doors that are improperly hung or do not swing freely.
    5. Doors with unbalanced conditions due to type of finishing or excessive finishing material on one face of the door (application of sidings, plant-ons, etc.).
    6. Doors that are not entirely sealed with at least two coats of paint, varnish or approved sealer on both faces, the top and bottom edges and in all cutouts.
  7. Exterior doors that are 1-1/2” thick or less or any door less than 1-3/8” thick are excluded from this warranty.
  8. All door(s), window(s) or millwork shipped outside of the contiguous 48 United States and District of Columbia are excluded from this warranty.
  9. Any implied warranty shall be limited in duration to the period of this warranty.
  10. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any door(s), window(s) or millwork repaired, returned or replaced without their prior written consent.
  11. Door(s), window(s) or millwork exposed to the elements prior to being properly finished will not be warranted. Shop priming is not considered a proper finish. Finish must be applied to all faces, edges, hardware cutouts, and must lap onto glass on the exterior side. Finish must be well maintained to insure maximum life of the products; severe exposures will require more maintenance than other areas.
  12. Door(s), window(s) or millwork in Exterior conditions with; (a) dark paint or stain, (b) sandblasted or distressed surfaces, (c) inadequate or neglected finishes, will not be warranted.
  13. Interior door(s), window(s) or millwork should not be subject to: abnormal heat, extreme dryness, excessive humidity, unconditioned spaces and sudden changes therein. They should be conditioned to average prevailing humidity of the project location in a conditioned space before hanging. Failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty.
  14. Laminated or insulated glass units installed in doors, windows or frames provided by Liberty Valley Doors, Inc., are warranted against defects in workmanship, material and against failure for the one year duration of this warranty. Laminated or insulated units failing during the warranty period will be replaced. Purchaser’s sole remedy for failed laminated or insulated glass units after Liberty Valley Doors, Inc., warranty period shall be limited to the warranty provided by the glass manufacturer. Units failing because of inadequate or neglected finishes or excessive exposure to moisture are not warranted. Purchaser is informed by this warranty that laminated or insulated glass units have a limited life that is influenced by many variables. Liberty Valley Doors, Inc. makes no warranty express or implied; as to expected life of laminated or insulated glass units or their suitability for purchasers intended use. Claims of scratched glass must be made at the time of delivery.

  1. Upon receipt of shipment of door(s), window(s) or millwork, inspect each for any visible defects. Cover and keep clean, but allow air circulation. Doors should be stood vertically on blocks off floor with entire top edge in contact with adjacent wall or structure as to not allow twisting or should be stored flat on a level surface at least 1-1/2” off the floor, in a dry, well-ventilated building. Use protective covering under the bottom door. Cover the top to keep clean, but allow air circulation under and around the stack of doors.
  2. Handle with clean hands or gloves and do not drag doors across one another or across other surfaces.
  3. The structural integrity of the door must not be impaired in the fitting of the door. The application of the hardware, or cutting and altering of door for lights, louvers, panels or any special details.
  4. Before finishing, remove handling marks or effects of exposure to moisture with a thorough, final sanding over all surfaces to the door using 120 or 150 grit sandpaper and clean surface before applying sealer or finish. Some species of wood contain a chemical (oak particularly), which reacts unfavorable with certain finishes. Where possible, the surface should be tested for such unfavorable reactions. Follow finish manufacturer and finisher guidelines for applying finish.
  5. Immediately after cutting and fitting, but before hanging, the entire door, including top and bottom edges, must receive an application of a primer and two coats of a good grade of paint or varnish or lacquer or approved finish for the use.
  6. Exterior finishes must be used on all exterior door(s), window(s) or millwork. Do not leave prime door(s), window(s) or millwork unpainted or exposed to the environment or warranty will be voided.

There are no warranties expressed or implied that extend beyond the foregoing, and the manufacturer’s responsibility under this warranty is as stated herein. Manufacturer shall not be liable for consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, nor for any amount in excess of the manufacturer’s price for the door(s), window(s) or millwork involved, whether the claim is for breach of warranty or negligence. This warranty applies only to materials paid for in full.

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